The first, certainly not the last time

We at Cruiser Aircraft EU are very happy that we could also be together with our Cruiser Academy at the largest and most prestigious aviation event of this year. Slovak International Air Fest - thank you for a great organization and thank you to all visitors for your visit, for all the questions and especially for your interest. This is part of our team that is looking forward to you in September 2017 at the airport in Dubova (Pezinok district). If you want to receive news or be informed about everything that is going to happen in our Cruiser Academy, please write to us at Thanks and see you again next year. Goodbye # SIAF2017.

Cruiser Academy attracts the organizers

Despite the fact that the second day had started with rainy weather, the organizers stayed positive. During their walk around the area, they dropped into the Aerosalon section, where they were so impressed by our stand and our PS-28 Cruiser that the video crew member decided to shoot a few shots of our stand and #cruiseracademy PS-28 cruiser in the aftermovie of # SIAF2017. We love it! We will see you there again next year.

Became a real pilot

In the Aerosalon section at the Slovak International Air Fest # SIAF2017 this year there is more light sport aircraft than ever before. Amongst those you will find our #cruiseracademy PS-28 Cruiser, which is unique, different and extraordinery. Thanks to its satin-red color, you will certainly not miss this part of the Aerosalon section. Our PS-28 Cruiser boasts not only a large space inside the cabin but also its comfortable seating that accommodates pilots of all sizes. It also has excellent fuel economy, it's safe, and if you learn to fly with our PS-28 Cruiser, you can handle any other aircraft.

Do you like us? Vote for our PS-28 Cruiser

The second day began with bad weather, but that didn't ruin anyone's mood. Yesterday's first aviation day was a record-breaking visit, and we're looking forward to seeing you at our Cruiser Academy stand. Today we're here for you until 17:00. If you are interested in our PS-28 Cruiser and our Cruiser Academy, vote for us on in the aircraft section. Don't miss out on the other static aircraft previews or the rest of the air show. We wish you a beautiful final day of flying.


The first day of the Slovak International Air Fest #SIAF2017 is over. We are really happy that you visited our stand and checked our new red PS-28 Cruiser - you obviously liked it. This is our first public event where we decided to introduce you to our Cruiser Academy which will start in September 2017. Check our facebook Cruiser Aircraft EU / Cruiser Academy and instagram cruiseraircraft_EU. We're looking forward to see you tomorrow again.


#SIAF2017 is the largest aviation event of the year in Slovakia. It is mainly about the experiences. You have the chance to see the incredible airshow as well as airplanes you don’t encounter in the ordinary life only on the Internet thanks to these two days of the event at Sliač Airport. From our red Cruiser Academy stand in the Aerosalon section we had a truly spectacular view today. If you were not a random viewer, enjoy at least our photographs.

FINALLY! #SIAF 2017 officialy started

The largest and most prestigious aviation event in Slovakia finally has began. The organizers expect more than 100,000 visitors and we can not wait for you anymore. Enjoy this unique air show and don't forget to check us at Aerosalon where we are looking forward to see you along with the Cruiser Academy and our new PS-28 Cruiser. For more information please follow our Facebook Cruiser Aircraft EU / Cruiser Academy or instagram cruiseraircraft_EU.

For the first time in public

While some of you are still sleeping or traveling to the Slovak International Air Fest - we are already at Sliač Airport, where we're preparing our stand. You can visit us in the section - Aerosalon. We are very excited to be able to introduce to you our Cruiser Academy together with our special red PS-28 Cruiser at these international aviation days. Enjoy this summer weekend full of incredible air shows and unforgettable experiences. We're here until Sunday evening.